Introductory Flights

The goal of this flight is for you to experience what is like to fly a small aircraft and to validate if flying is something you really want to pursue. Even if you decide not to, it is an exciting experience for yourself or a great Gift to somebody you care about. This flight is about 1 hour and you will be flying in the pilot’s seat.

Cirrus Training

We offer Cirrus Instruction via our factory-trained Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP).

All CSIPs undergo extensive ground and flight training in Cirrus aircraft with a Cirrus Factory instructor to distinguish themselves as an expert in Cirrus flight training. All CSIPs use standardized flight operations manuals, syllabus suites, and procedures to ensure that your flight training is consistent with other Cirrus pilots’ training and with that of the factory training at Cirrus Headquarters.

Our CSIP can accommodate almost any flight training request or requirement, and they are the preferred training providers by leading insurance underwriters. Cirrus Aircraft strongly recommends that all initial and recurrent Cirrus training be conducted by a CSIP.

Cirrus Transition Training (Garmin Perspective)

The Cirrus Transition Training course is designed for new pilots transitioning to a Cirrus aircraft or pilots who have upgraded to a different Cirrus airframe and avionics suite.

Cirrus Advanced Transition Training (Garmin Perspective)

The intent of this course is to provide training to a pilot who wishes to take full IFR advantage of his or her aircraft through a course that combines the transition training course with the elements of an instrument proficiency check.

Perspective Upgrade Training (VFR)

Advanced Perspective Upgrade Training (IFR)

We also offer:

  • Primary Flight Instruction
  • Instrument Flight Training
  • Flight Review
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Complex Endorsement
  • Bahama Flying Familiarization
  • Rusty Pilot Training